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May 22nd, 2017



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You may customize the events list at any time by clicking the mini-calendar or by using the search options in the yellow side bar. You may also submit your own events for review and sign up for watch lists or to receive email reminders about events you are interested in.
Add YumaCalendar.org to YOUR Web Site - IFRAMES

IFRAMES - Advanced Configuration

Event information is available without our sites navigation from the following URL: http://www.yumacalendar.org/show_calendar.html

Sample Code to include a 550 pixel tall copy of upcoming events as wide as the current page:

<IFRAME SRC="http://www.yumacalendar.org/show_calendar.html"
 WIDTH="100%" height="550" frameborder=0>
Visit <A HREF="http://www.yumacalendar.org">YumaCalendar.org</A>
for event information!</IFRAME>

By default this will give the same event view as our homepage showing the next 10 upcoming events.

You can optionally include several parameters to the URL called in the IFRAME to specify various types of display/search:

  • month - Specify the month to display. Valid values are 00..12
  • day - Specify the day of the month to display. Valid values are 00..28-31 depending on the month
  • year - Specify the year to display. Entered as a four digit value (i.e. 2017)
  • event - Display a single event. Set to ID number for the event to display

Values not entered are assumed to be the current date. Samples include:
(Display Event #152)
(Display the 15th of the current month)
(Display the 15th of March 2006)

Additionally searches can be performed through this url by setting ONE of the following parameters to 1 and then setting additional search parameters. Other than the date search all searches only return events in the future.:

  • keyword_search - The value of keywords will be used to search the titles and descriptions of events with any matches returned. An example query string for all events with the keyword "event" would be: Click for example
  • search_by_type - An array of event type codes is specified in the additional parameter type_limit[] and events of those types are returned. Current valid event types are:
    21 = Art
    23 = Community
    29 = Cultural
    24 = Festivals
    25 = Kids
    22 = Lectures
    26 = Music
    30 = Outdoor Recreation
    27 = Sports
    28 = Theater
    An example query string for all Art and Community events would be: Click for example
  • search_by_user - This search is only useful for YumaCalendar partners and details on it's use will be provided upon request.
  • search_by_date - Set to 1 then set the following additional parameters to specify the date(s) to search, specifications are the same as for day/month/year above:
    • startday - Day to start search from
    • startmonth - Month to start search from
    • startyear - Year to start search from
    • endday - Day to end search at
    • endmonth - Month to end search at
    • endyear - Year to end search at
    An example query string for all events between 3/5/2006 and 4/15/2006 would be: Click for example
  • limit - Maximum Number of events to display, may be used with any of the above searches. Default is 10

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